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Donations made instantly on your ministry’s website.

Online giving is secure and simple, and donors already love the convenience of paying online. By accepting gifts on your ministry’s website, donors can give instantly. The result? Consistent giving because you’ve made the process incredibly easy!

Next Step: Text Giving

Stay connected with active donors.

Text giving is perfect for on-the-go donors that appreciate fast giving solutions. It only takes a few seconds to complete a gift. Donors text your ministry’s unique 10-digit number with a gift amount, the name of a specific fund, or the word “Give” to set up a gift. After the initial one-time set up, they can give in seconds anywhere, anytime. They can choose the “make this gift recurring” box and type commands like “Edit” to manage text giving better. Plus, donors can choose to log in using their phone number or email address.

Next Step: Giving Kiosk

On-site giving simplified.

Giving kiosks are a smart solution for those donors that prefer to pay with cards or forget to carry cash. Beyond accepting gifts on-site, giving kiosks serve as a registration system for your church. Get organized for every event by letting volunteers sign up, members pay for events, and regularly give using a kiosk.

Next Step: Mobile App

The freedom to give and connect anytime, anywhere.

Our powerful church app, MinistryOne, makes giving and connecting with the church directly from a smartphone a breeze. Donors enjoy the convenience of built-in online giving, options to manage recurring gifts, access to sermons, participate in prayer requests, register for events, and more.

Next Step: Additional Features
  • Security Standards

    Donors are only confident to give online when they know security is a top priority. That’s why we stay at the forefront of the payment card industry and implement the highest security standards. We surpass these standards when it comes to intrusion detection, SSL transaction security, and PCI & DSS Compliance Security.

  • Multiple Ways to Pay

    We make it easy to limit and expand the types of payment options accepted by your church. Choose to accept credit, debit, and ACH. Or, accept a combination that makes the most sense for a positive donor experience. Plus, donors can store more than one payment method and give to more than one fund at a time.

  • Gift Management

    Donors will love being able to create their own accounts, access their donation data, and manage current and future gifts. By having complete control over gift management, your church provides donors with the best possible giving experience.

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